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Introduction to Vega Anarchy

Hello and welcome. This should of been the first of all videos, but I am old and old people do things backwards I guess. Haha. Please help me build this channel with nothing but good or bad old fashion love. I will take any criticism or advice or whatever you want to throw at me. Feel free to vent if you do agree or don’t agree. It’s all good. We are all family now. Join me on my journey of whatever life throws at me and how to get thru it. Speaking of life, 23andMe just said I’m only 10% Puertorican. NOOOOOOOO!!! All good, time to learn where I’m from and what I’m made of. Enjoy and welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe and please support me if you can. PEACE!!!!

Up Stone Mountain With 50lb Challenge

A few months ago I decided to take on a personal challenge that I’ve talked about doing for about a year or so. I was told I was crazy, I was told that I was old and washed up. At the age of 43, it was time not only to prove them wrong, but prove me right that it can be done. In a backpack I stuffed 2 20lb dumbbells, a 7lb yoga ball, and a few water bottles equaling to 50lbs. Yeah they were weird items to use, but you use what you got lol. It was a very hard challenge, but as you can see, it can be done. And to add to the challenge, I started thru the nature garden where it adds over a mile to the hike plus a part where it’s so steep that if your shoes don’t have bite, you can easily slip down it. Here is video of my climb and more challenges coming soon. Thanks. Up Stone Mountain We Go

Appalachian Trail Fail 2018

Me and a bud attempting to do the first 20 miles of the Appalachian Trail and after one night of rain, bitter cold, no sleep, and MOUSES, the dream was over before it even started. Lol So I say, let’s have some fun with the little bit of footage I managed to record… Might not be suitable for young children. Here is the video of this treacherous Appalachian Trail Fail.

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