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Kroger ClickList “PickUp” Review

This is a video review on Kroger ClickList also known as “PickUp”. So far we have done it twice and how great it is to knock off 1-2 hours of your day doing groceries. You order your items on the app, you pay with your credit or debit card, they give you a time to “PickUp”, and they even load it in your vehicle. It’s that easy. First 3 times are free, after that it’s only $4.95 per PickUp. And you can even use all your online coupons as you shop. Feel free to leave me some comments. This is my first review so please take it easy on my skills lol Make sure you watch the bloopers at the end of the video, as you can see sometimes it takes a while to get it right, especially a video in one take like I like to do. Take care and please come back, like and follow, and tell me how you feel. Good or bad, all comments are welcomed. 😎 Thanks for watching.

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