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Keto Diet day 1, starting tomorrow

So I did groceries today and decided to start my Keto journey starting tomorrow. I have a list of all the foods I can eat and not eat and I’m sure this will be something I can totally do. I have a #Ruggedmaniac race on August 17th here in GA, the #foamglow run on September 7th (I turn 44 3 days before so it’s more like a birthday 5k 👴🏼) and then the #terrainrace on September 28th in Chicago with a bunch of family members. I’m trying to squeeze in the #savagerace in October here in GA but it all depends on how I feel after a week doing #Keto. I have not been feeling great and I’m convinced it’s the foods I’m eating. But will all that said, if you want to do something, nothing can stop you from doing it. As for my photo, yup I’m swole as hell. 🤪 Have a great night everyone and wish me luck. I’m gonna give it 150% and gonna start my morning with a few miles in my neighborhood. Tomorrow, day 1. I hear that by day 4 if all goes right, the #ketoflu starts to kick in 😩. LETS DO IT!!!! Follow me on all social media for future old man updates. I also stream games on #twitch, #Facebook, YouTube, and #Mixer live a few times a week along with a little #IRL on some mornings as well. Thanks for watching and thanks for your support.

Do More of What Makes you Happy

Some people forget how important it is to your mind, body, and soul to make yourself happy first. We spend so much time working hard and putting everyone else first and forget about ourselves. My wife and kids are always and forever my #1 priority, but if im not doing what I love and enjoying my journey, how good am I to towards their happiness? Does that make sense? It does to me. Lol. Anyways, at 43 I decided to start gaming and streaming. It’s what I love and haven’t played games in over 20 years. It’s never too late to do or start anything so why not give it a try. Thanks for the love and support and the likes and follows, I love entertaining so hopefully more people jump on board the VegaAnarchy train. 🤙😎 happy Friday everyone, be good and be safe and always remember, Encouragement and support goes a long way, Giving doubt and negativity does not. Do what you love, tomorrow is never promised…

P.S. Just got me an ElGato HD60 S so streaming is about to get very interesting not only with PC gaming, but Xbox one and PlayStation 4 gaming as well. It’s about to go down. 👽😎

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Thanks for watching, more coming soon

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