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PC Game Dead By Daylight

Small funny clip playing me some Dead by Daylight. Can an old man have fun playing PC Games? You bet your butt he can. #workhardplayhard #workhardplayharder

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Thanks for watching, more coming soon.

How to make a Garden out of Pallets (Teaser)

First day of working on my new garden I’m making out of pallets. My hands are beat up but I won’t stop till this is finished. Adding a few bird houses and maybe some bird feeders and those hummingbird feeders as well. Won’t be done till this weekend so here is a short high speed video on the grueling part of separating the pallets and starting to put them back together a certain way. Yes separating them is the worst part. Work hard and play harder.

Steam PC Game: The Town Of Light

Starting to livestream more and more trying to get used to playing for an audience. A game I played last night was The Town of Light. A PC game from Steam. Would of played for hours but after 33 minutes the live was unexpectedly cut short. Help support my channel on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Dlive, And all social media under my username VegaAnarchy. Also will be talking about races like the #terrainrace , #spartan , #savagerace , and more. Need 100 followers on Facebook to make this happen so if you can get onboard and as always, never give up, you’re never too old to do what you love, and I greatly appreciate it. #vegaanarchy #gaming #gamingsetup #steam #pcgaming #pcgames #stream #streamer #streaming #twitch #mixer #facebookgaming #running #runner #gamer

Spartan Sprint 2014 in Conyers GA

In 2014 I decided to do my very first obstacle type race, and that was the Spartan Sprint which was a 4.5 mile course (smallest of the 3 available) with my son and younger brother for bragging rights on who was the better stronger man. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a very competitive person when it comes to doing things with younger people that claim they can take on the old man.

Our ages were me at 38 1/2, my brother was 20 years old, and my son was 16 years old. I will say that I didn’t train as hard as I should of as I didn’t know how hard this race was gonna be and how hard it was gonna be on my body. But from the start it was pretty much me against my brother as my son got stuck in one of the first 3 mud dips which gave me and my brother a big head start.

Throughout the entire race, me and my brother will switch back and forth on taking the lead. I will say that I lead most of it, but there were moments that I was questioning whether or not I can even finish this race. I mean some of these obstacles were pretty tough and brutal to get thru and knowing that if I failed one, the penalty would be 25 burpees which I knew I was gonna struggle doing.

Right on the first obstacle, the javelin throw, both me and my brother missed the target, which we had to do 25 burpees and let me tell you, burpees take it all out of you. It was at that moment that I was wishing I trained harder for this race cause it was only the beginning.

Much of the race wasn’t that tough to get thru, I’m pretty much well rounded so anything physically demanding wasn’t too tough to get thru, except at the end. I had to climb a 40 foot rope and ring a bell which was not too tough to climb, except the top 5 feet. The whole rope had knots to climb it easy but the 5 feet under the bell had no knots. It was all grip and strength to hit that bell. I must of hung there for 2-3 minutes which felt like eternity knowing that I had a huge lead on my brother.

The fear of falling if I slipped trying to hoist myself to hit the bell with my hands full of mud was not fun. I looked down and all I can say to myself was “if I fall I hope I don’t land wrong and break my ankle”. And I look over and my brother comes around the corner and flies up the rope and hits the bell like it was nothing. He was now ahead of me. At one last attempt I reach hard and finally hit the bell, slide down, and we both go into the mud crawl under the barb wire.

My brother ahead of me, I gave it all I had but hanging on that rope for as long as I did pretty much drained any energy and strength I had left. So my brother with every crawl he crawled further and further away. I couldn’t catch up as my arms and legs will just give out after crawling for only a few seconds.

I see my little brother cross the finish line and darn, he beat me. I gave it all I had but I was gonna finish this race one way or another. So at the end there is a fire we have to jump over. Due to all the mud on us, jumping over the fire was not too hard or harmful cause you are over it in less than a second.

So that’s where this video comes in. It’s the very end of the race when I jump over the fire and start making my way to the 2 big guys with the huge Q-Tips. These guys are here to stop you one last time by hitting you with these giant Q-tips.

Earlier before the race I was yelling at these guys and I told them that when I cross I want them to hit me with everything they had. With a smile they said “You got it and I’ll see you soon”. So as you watch, they saw me as i signaled them to BRING IT AND BRING IT HARD. One of the guys wound up and let me tell you, he hit me so hard that I made a complete stop. Lol from that moment on all the way till I crossed the finish line, I wasn’t even breathing. lol He hit me so hard it took my breath away but I didn’t want anyone to know lol I recovered and got my medal.

Very proud of my accomplishment as many years before I had so many health issues with being 50lbs overweight and my knees hurting so much, just going up the stairs was a nightmare. And here I was, doing something I thought I would never do.

So if you’re reading this, never give up and always keep trying. Workout hard, and always remember you are what you eat. If your at crappy, you’ll feel crappy. I’m proof of that. My time was 1 hour 23 minutes, my brother was 1 hour 20 minutes, and my son was about 2 hours. Lol not bad for an old man.

I learned a lot from this race so I will be better prepared for any future ones to come. My next goal is to do the Spartan Sprint again but finish it in under 1 hour. Think I can do it at the age of 43? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks and please come back, 2019 will be a year to remember. Peace!!!

Introduction to Vega Anarchy

Hello and welcome. This should of been the first of all videos, but I am old and old people do things backwards I guess. Haha. Please help me build this channel with nothing but good or bad old fashion love. I will take any criticism or advice or whatever you want to throw at me. Feel free to vent if you do agree or don’t agree. It’s all good. We are all family now. Join me on my journey of whatever life throws at me and how to get thru it. Speaking of life, 23andMe just said I’m only 10% Puertorican. NOOOOOOOO!!! All good, time to learn where I’m from and what I’m made of. Enjoy and welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe and please support me if you can. PEACE!!!!

Kroger ClickList “PickUp” Review

This is a video review on Kroger ClickList also known as “PickUp”. So far we have done it twice and how great it is to knock off 1-2 hours of your day doing groceries. You order your items on the app, you pay with your credit or debit card, they give you a time to “PickUp”, and they even load it in your vehicle. It’s that easy. First 3 times are free, after that it’s only $4.95 per PickUp. And you can even use all your online coupons as you shop. Feel free to leave me some comments. This is my first review so please take it easy on my skills lol Make sure you watch the bloopers at the end of the video, as you can see sometimes it takes a while to get it right, especially a video in one take like I like to do. Take care and please come back, like and follow, and tell me how you feel. Good or bad, all comments are welcomed. 😎 Thanks for watching.

30 Day ”Be More Positive” Challenge

Any improvement to yourself starts with you. Whether or not you came up with the idea, it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s positive. Change doesn’t happen over night, so a 30 day challenge is a great way to start progressing yourself to a better you. And not just for you, but for the people around you as well. So go ahead and try, 30 days is a mere blink for your lifetime.

How To Play Roblox. (Dad Edition)

These days, my children seem to be gone all the time. Either in their rooms or on the PC, always playing a game called Roblox.  Always wondered what this game is about since it seems to take most of children’s time away from the family, so I decided to give it a shot.  I asked the girls, “hey, can I play with you guys?” To my amazement the answer they game me was pretty stern and swift.  They said “You’re too old for Roblox Papa”.  The horror of those words to me.  My mouth opened up with complete shock as I’m not the one to ever tell that I can do anything or that I’m too old to do anything.  I mean come one, I’m only 43, I have just begun.  So me being me, I took that negativity out of their little mouths and turned it into a “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”.  You know in school when that one kid would sit down and all the other kids would get up and leave that kid alone?  Well that’s exactly what happened.  I made an account, made my character to look exactly how I wanted, I spied on their Roblox usernames and added them as my friends.  Yes they added me, but when I sat down to join them, guess what they both did?  They turned the game off and walked away.  lol  I guess dad is not cool enough for Roblox and his gaming skills but that’s ok, they will come around soon.  So I sat down, played for a few minutes getting used to the controls and I’m not used to playing games on a keyboard.  I’m more of a controllers kind of guy but live your life to all you keyboard gamers.  So after begging my girls to play with me, I decided to dive right in and play all by myself.  Then again, what better way that to record my gameplay and show them that I can hang with them or anyone else even when my skill level was at 1.  Here is awesome footage of my girls leaving me high and dry going against my childhood nightmare freaks like Jason, Freddy Kruger, and worst of all, CHUCKY!!!  Yes my editing skills are way better than this, but this was done pretty much on the fly, like 30 minutes or so.  But I would say, Roblox is alot of fun but probably even more fun if my girls would join me.  Thanks for watching 🙂

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