How to make a garden mostly of pallets

So about a month ago I saw a photo on Pinterest of a garden made out of wood and I wondered if I can recreate it out of wooden pallets. Lucky for me I can get them for free next to my job. I would say if you can get your own dirt, this project can easily be accomplished for less than $100. I went up to almost $200 only cause I bought so much dirt for it. Also please note, I did not use the beat methods to make this happen, so when you see this, feel free to comment on anything on how this can be made cheaper and easier. Took me about 3 weeks to finish due to me getting sick for about 9-10 days so it can be done way faster. I was very limited with tools but I made it work. Click on photo to see the video. Thanks for watching.

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Please share and hope you enjoyed it. More to come. 🙂


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